The story of Hint Cosmetics

Hint YK COSMETICS is founded by Yukie KUSANO, a professional Japanese esthetician. Over 15 years, she has gained extensive experience, deepened knowledge and understanding of skin problems and treatments. When more and more customers complained about their skin problems and the difficulties in finding suitable skin care products, she decided to make something natural, effective and enjoyable like having a spa treatment any time. That is how Hint started.

Combining the experience of our beauty therapist, the profession of salon product producers and expectations from customers, we strive to develop quality products that are not just skin-friendly, but also environmental, visually fashionable and pleasurable which could switch on the aesthetic awareness of beauty.

Knowing about Gel

Gel is a jelly-like element that naturally exists

in plants like Aloe Vera;
in plants like Aloe Vera;
in the sea like seaweed;
in the sea like seaweed;
in minerals like clay;
in minerals like clay;
in animals like royal jelly;
in animals like royal jelly;

The viscoelastic nature of gel in our body cells keeps our skin firm and mouristurised. This is one of the reasons that Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen are used and emphasised in modern skin care and beauty products for its hydrating and moisturising ability. Natural gel has the ability to attract and retain massive amount of moisture like a sponge, and absorb into human cells quickly without chemical help, it is an ultimate approach for us to regain the ideal baby skin, soft, moist and pure.

Features of gel based products

  1. Adsorptive property in cleansing – attract, adsorb and remove grime and impurities, toxins and bacteria from deep inside pores
  2. Penetrative ability in lotion and essence – penetrate gently through skin layers and deliver the active ingredients into the deep layer of skin
  3. Moisturising property in gel-cream – hydrate, moisturise and enhance long-lasting moist feeling
  4. Breathability in gel-cream – lightweight texture, allow skin to breathe, without greasy feeling

Conventional skin care products

Conventional skin care products are based on either oil or cream.

Oil-based products use either mineral oil (such as Vaseline – petroleum jelly based product) or plant/vegetable oil (such as olive oil). Poor absorption and penetration of oil usually leaves our skin greasy and pores clogged. Due to oxidant stress, oil-based products are also likely to cause premature ageing instead of protecting our skin against UV sun rays.

Conventional Cream is made of water and oil, mixed by emulsifiers (synthetic surfactant). The use of emulsifiers has the risk of damaging skin by removing the necessary sebum and denaturing the protein. Therefore, instead of emulsifier, Hint products use the natural stickiness of gel to join our ingredients of skin care products.

~ This is why we choose Gel ~

Comparing with oil and cream based products, the lightweight texture of gel-based skin care products allows skin to breathe freely, absorbs quickly, thus enhances moisturisation and the organic beauty of your skin. Naturally, gel is ideal for delicate skin and long-term use.

Our commitment

Hint skin care products with natural colour and fragrance have been carefully formulated with selected nourishing ingredients for your precious skin.

Our products are free from: Artificial colour and fragrance, Mineral oils, Petroleum-based surfactant, Alcohol, Parabens, and UV absorber.

* Not applied to all products.
*Our formulas strictly follow the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.