Just facial

$38 / 15 mins

During busy times, you can feel refreshed in a short time. Using vegan cosmetics, the careful cleansing and massage will make tired skin feel healthier.

Vegan facial

$58 / 30 mins  $78 / 45 mins

An all-hands massage using vegan cosmetic products.

Vegan cosmetic products are products that are made from natural, organic, and safe ingredients, and are completely free from animal products and by products. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Relieve yourself of daily stress and fatigue with a soothing and thorough massage of the décolletage, shoulders, neck, and face. This facial pack will energise tired skin.

Refreshing Basic facial

$78 / 45 mins

During your treatment, I will gently massage your shoulders, neck, décolletage and face to stimulating the lymph nodes and pressure points, removing toxins, and improve your blood circulation. This will activate your skin metabolism, and encourage skin renewal.

Problematic facial

$98 / 45 mins

Depending on the condition of your acne, I will recommend optimal care with specialized treatment using the exfoliating function on the ultrasonic skin scrubber. This will remove old keratin, making it harder for pores to be clogged, and improves the skin to make it less prone to acne. Due to the high frequency, it will also sterilize acne bacteria, reduce redness, and activate collagen to smooth the skin irregularities.

Moisturising Advance facial

$118 / 60 mins

Using an ultrasonic skin scrubber, the collagen and hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into the skin without the need for needles. Whitening serum can also penetrate the skin at the same time to improve any blemishes. This treatment enhances the moisturising effect of a face pack, to leave your skin feeling moist and supple reborn.

Anti-Aging Deluxe facial

$138 / 60 mins

Our most popular facial!!

This skin cell regeneration treatment targets the very depths of your skin.

The ultrasonic skin scrubber is used with beauty serum to penetrate deep into the skin,

and promises to rejuvenate your skin from a cellular level. Our premium preservative-free products are formulated to give vitality to skin suffering from wrinkles, sagging, or lack of tautness, and repairs damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Recommended for those who want to recover the overall health of their skin, or who are serious about saying

good bye to wrinkles, sagging, and blemishes.

Combination Treatment

By adding eye or neck care to your facial treatment, you can improve the rejuvenating effect of sagging around the eyes and neck wrinkles.

Eyes care
Add a face lift and eye care to your facial treatment, then say good bye to wrinkles and hello to youthful glow. Using a massage cream that works the muscles with a temperature-regulated massager (alternating between -5° and 42°) which further tightens the skin. The effect is further intensified with a double pack high-quality sheet and eye care mask.
Neck care
Using cream and ultrasonic equipment that work on the muscles, we also improve any sagging and wrinkles around the neck.
  • Refreshing Basic facial + eyes care or neck care
    $98 / 60 mins
  • Moisturising Advance facial + eyes care or neck care
    $138 / 75mins
  • Anti-Aging Deluxe facial + eyes care or neck care
    $158 / 75 mins

****Aroma candle massage****

$68 / 30 mins $128 / 60 mins

Have an aromatic massage using the melted oils from an aroma candle. Enjoy a relieving moment of relaxation along with the great scent of the aroma. Soothe your chronic physical tiredness, fatigue from stress, or sleep deprivation with a thorough massage.

You can choose between 3 different aroma candles that are great for relieving physical and mental fatigue and stress.

  • All facial treatments include a décolleté, neck, shoulder, and face massage.
  • The effects of the treatment are subject to individual differences.
  • Treatment may not be possible, depending on the customer’s constitution and health condition. For details, please ask when making a reservation.
  • Bookings are for women only. (Consultation is possible for male partners, or teenagers with acne concerns, etc.)