​Body Treatment


​Aroma candle



30 mints $75

60 mins $125

Massage with candle oil selected from three scents. Shiatsu massage is also included.


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Detox Body Spa &

Body shape

Far infrared Sauna for Detox Weight Loss



60 mins $135

120 mins $185

*NOT avialble 

Combination of massage and far-infrared sauna for beautiful body shape



​Back Treatment


70 mins $125

Body massage and deep cleansing of your back with a facial machine(skin scriber.)



What is the aroma candle?

Wearied out after a tiring day?

Light up an Aroma Candle, and be ‘massaged’ into relaxation with the warm aromatic oils of the candle.
Choose from 3 different kinds of aromas suited to different situations:
•To relax your head after a tiring day with work or studies
•To relax your mind if you’re prone to stress
•To relax your body after a busy day 
Don’t know which one to choose? The aroma that you would choose at first smell would be the one that you instinctively prefer. The best aroma for you is one that allows your body and mind to achieve a state of balance. Why not pamper yourself with the luxury of being surrounded by the warm and soothing aromatic oils of the Aroma Candle?


​About Far infrared sauna

The infrared dome accelerates blood circulation, promotes increased metabolism, with therapeutic effect on overall health.Penetrates to subcutaneous adipose (FAT) layer, promoting rapid weight loss. Helps with the efficiency of herbal natural topical solutions.

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Special considerations

Spa and facial treatments may not be suitable for:

  • After surgery (unless approved from your doctor)

  • While taking prescribed medicine (unless approved from your general practitioner)

  • People with acute disease, infectious disease, allergy to alcohol or in any other circumstances your esthetician suggests that is not suitable for treatments.

  •  Bookings are possible for women only.

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