Dry Head Spa

The Dry Head Spa is effective for people who struggle with stress from their daily lives, headaches, asthenopia, insomnia, etc. This treatment releases tension memorized by the muscles of the head when negative emotions arise. The Dry Head Spa revitalizes both mind and body. 


Dry head spa is a full head massage done by hand. It does not use water or oil at all and it gently releases tension from the muscles of the head.

30 mints         $58

60 mints  with Facial        $88


Recommended For Customers Who...

□ I am doing desk work on a daily basis

□ I feel stressed day by day

□ I have worries, anxiety and my brain feels tired

□ I am suffering from chronic stiff shoulder, neck stiffness

□ My sleeping is bad, my sleep is shallow

□ My head is heavy, I get a headache sometimes

□ My eyes are tired