Mobile Service

Those who can not easily go to without time,

The mobile service option is where I am able to travel to you to offer salon services. 

This option is for mothers who can not go out easily with child(ren), those who would like a facial before going out for the night, and simply for women who want to be beautiful even though they are busy.

The business trip fee will be charged for $20.

If traveling distance exceeds one way one hour, we will charge $ 35.

If you book more than 2 people in one place, the business trip fee will be free.

Because of large luggage such as massage bed, we will refuse this service if there are large amounts of stairs, or if there is no parking areas in a close walking proximity to your home. 


■ We will have an massage bed and will visit, so I will borrow the space (about 2 m × 2 m) where you can put the bed and the electric range, the outlet.

■ Cancelation Policy

 For cancellation on the day, we will only accept by phone. Cancellation after 3 hours before the use start time and cancellation after the staff arrives at the use place Is not accepted. In this case, please understand that we will receive the scheduled use course price + visit fee as a cancellation fee.

■ Must have a parking spot in a walking distance to your home. If you live in a place that takes one hour or more by car one way. (Please contact us for more information.) · Male customers. (It is possible if it can be accepted as an addition. Must be another female present in the room) Customers experienced canceling the day without contact. In case · If you are currently in the hospital, those who are after surgery, those who are injured, those who are pregnant, those who have the possibility of pregnancy, those who have infection, heart disease Body burden I am thinking about refraining from taking treatment.

Please understand beforehand that there may be cases where you can not perform the treatment depending on your physical condition. · In addition, when the therapist judges that treatment is impossible. We care about the relationship of trust with our customers. Visitor etc. We will strictly observe customer information. Also do not sell aggressive cosmetics and tickets at all, so please be relieved.